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Membership shall be limited to all persons of good moral character.

There shall be three classes of members in this Society:

  • Regular      

  • Honorary, including Chaplain        

  • In-Absentia

Regular members shall be all those who are citizens of the United States of America or Italian citizens legal residents of the United States of America and who are at least 18 years old as of their date of admission to the Society. Regular members shall be permitted to vote and to hold any office in the Society.

Article IV Fees and Dues:

Sec. 1. The admission fee for initial membership into the Society shall be Forty-Eight Dollars ($48) per year. 
Sec. 2. The re-admission fee for former members of this Society shall be Forty-Eight Dollars ($48) per year. 
Sec. 3. The monthly per capita dues for Regular members shall be Four ($4) dollars.
Sec. 4. Honorary, Junior members and the Society Chaplain will not be required to pay the admission fee nor any dues.
Sec. 5. The Society will sell Life Memberships for $480 dollars.

Sec. 6. The Secretary will notify, in writing, those members whose dues are not paid for by the 3rd month. A second and final notice will be sent to those members whose dues are not paid to date by the 4th month. Failure to remit this full amount prior to the end of the 4th month the names will be forwarded to President and Board of Directors for review. After review, Board of Directors and President will inform Secretary to remove members whose membership has been terminated. An announcement will be made at a General Membership meeting and names can be viewed by the general membership.

Sec. 7. The Society, by a two-thirds majority of the eligible members voting at a regular meeting, may raise or lower the admission fee and/or the dues stated herein.

Sec. 8. Those members who have maintained membership, in good standing, in the Society for forty (40) continuous years are exempt from the dues stated herein.


Sec. 9. Life members will not be required to pay dues.



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Peter Sotire

1st Vice President

John R.jpeg

John Roppolo

2nd Vice President


Cathy Cox



Mike Mangiapane



Larry Chairo

Sargent of Arms

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